The 3 best advanced video editing software

For the more advanced editors looking to take their videos to the next level! 

In the previous article, we talked about the pros and cons of the 7 best free green screen video editing software that is out there. Now that you have graduated from using the free and beginner software, let’s dive deeper into what a more professional software will look like. Hopefully, the transition between the two will be seamless.

Final Cut Pro 

Starting price $299.00 flat one-time rate 

Operating system: macOS 


  • Advanced Software 
    • This is the older sibling to iMovie. You are growing up! This software contains a LOT of sophisticated features and MANY different tools that will take time to learn and get familiar with. HOWEVER, there are many tutorials and free tools you can access to make it an easy-breezy editing experience. 
  • Well Optimized
    • Final Cut Pro is very well optimized so you will experience far fewer crashes than with other software that is on the market.
  • Background Rendering - 
    • With this software, there is no more waiting for the render. You don’t have to manually adjust any type of playback resolution just to see the edit. 


  • The cons about this software vary greatly depending on what your primary goal is. It also depends on if you have used earlier versions of the software and where your needs are. As of right now, there are no major cons that should turn you off from this great video editing software. 


Adobe Premiere

Price:  Two options for pricing depending on which package you choose 

Operating system: compatible for both Windows and Mac OS  


  • Fully customizable user interface which allows you to rearrange your work-space in the most efficient way possible
  •  Extremely high-quality video and audio editing 
  • It has a built-in non-linear video editing 
  • Complete integration with ALL other Adobe software, allowing you to seamlessly work between Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects
  • Has support for a variety of formats 
  • Video content editing that is done in real-time 


  • Adobe Premiere Pro has a higher learning curve connected to the software and is not nearly as user-friendly as Final Cut Pro. The software crashes more often than with other software. 

    Sony Vegas Pro 

    Cost: Varies depending on which plan you do! 

    Operating system: Windows 


    • It has a flexible and very customizable user interface that is very helpful for beginners. This is great obviously is you are still a relative beginner but want more advanced features than most free video editing software 
    • It has a large number of effects and transitions packages which it makes is extremely fun to use and easy to control 
    • Has a great Chroma key, text and title templates 
    • There are various inputs/outputs format support 


    • The rendering speed is not the best or fastest compared to some of the other software 
    • Like the previous software listed above, it all boils down to what features are most important to you and what your exact budget is. 

    In conclusion, there are many other highly regarded editing softwares that you can choose from in addition to the ones I listed. These are just a few of the main ones that our current in house professional editors use when we create our video content for Thrive Courses. Each software is extremely versatile and will get the job done. It all comes down to the mission of your video and what is needed in order to produce the best results. And of course, all software is EASILY compatible with any of our Video Growth Lab Backgrounds! Click HERE to view our many options!