How to create your own at home/in office video studio setup!

Step 1: Creating your own green screen 

Creating your own green screen can sound daunting and complex. But, it doesn’t have to be! It’s actually way simpler than it sounds.

In this article, we are going to break down the easiest and most efficient way to create your own green screen so you can have the best videos possible.

For starters, if you aren't really in the mood to do an arts and crafts project and would much rather buy all of your own equipment, then here are a few options at different price points to get you going. Keep in mind that green screens come in all different shapes and sizes so it all depends on what you are looking to film.

If you need to purchase EVERYTHING:

For a large, professional wrinkle-free green screen with awesome lighting equipment, check out the ePhoto 10 x 20 Muslin Chromakey Green Screen. It comes with Background Support Stand Kit, 2700 Watt Hair Light Boom Stand, and a Studio Photo Video Lighting Kit H604SB-1020G

This option runs at $174.99 on which is a steal when looking at all the components it comes with! This would be your one-stop-shop option. 

If you only need a green screen and a stand:

Though the two are sold separately, it is still a great price point for the green screen itself, and the backdrop support stand. Check out the LimoStudio 6 x 9 ft. Green Muslin Backdrop with Ring Metal Holding Clips and then it’s partner stand LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 10Ft Adjustable Muslin Background Backdrop Support System Stand

For just the screen, it runs at $26.99 and the stand costs $32.50.

The great thing about this is that the screen is generally wrinkly free. That is worth so much because there is nothing more frustrating than having a ton of wrinkles appearing in your video shoots and trying to lay a background on top of that.

The DIY option:

The equipment that you will need to make your own green screen are:

  • Green, non-reflective fabric such as felt or fleece.
    • Almost any craft store will have this or you can order on Amazon. You will want to get a large size so you don’t need to worry about whether or not you can fit it all in a shot
    • It is probably easier if you just go ahead and order a green screen fabric online. (Usually averaging at about $20)
  • Some type of frame for the Green Screen
    • You can make this yourself with PVC Pipes but it is a lot more complex then if you were to just order a proper green screen stand yourself.
    • Tutorials on how to build your own green screen stand with PVC pipes can easily be found on YouTube and online
  • Clamps of some sort
    • Depending on what type of stand you have, you will want large clamps in order to pull your green screen tight – this ensures that you don’t have wrinkles which are a pain and very hard to work with
  • Lighting Equipment
    • Lighting 1 – lighting the green screen
      • You want to make sure that your light evenly lights the entire green screen. Best option is to have two sets of lights on either side facing the screen with a white cloth in front of it. This will make sure that the light is evenly distributed along the screen.
    • Lighting 2 – subject lighting
      • This is crucial to the whole green screen process set up! You want to have a soft light on the subject matter without having any of the light on the green screen reflecting back on the subject. Depending on what your background is going to be, make sure that the light is working the same way that the sun might reflect on the subject
  • Camera – phone or anything that shoots in high resolution
    • This might be a no brainer but make sure you don’t skip over this part with all the other equipment I have listed. Make sure that your camera shoots in AT LEAST 720p

That’s really it! Hopefully, it doesn’t cost you too much time or money to get this set up. Be ready to play around and experiment with what works best when using the green screen.

If you are ready to move onto set up and filming, then continue reading! 

Step 2: Setting up your green screen video studio! 

Now that you have all of the equipment, it’s time to dive into the setup! 

  • The first thing you want to do is scout out your location.
    • Make sure that wherever this place may be, it is big enough for all your equipment and the lighting of the room won’t conflict with the lighting you will be using
  • Now you want to set up your green screen backdrop.
    • Depending on the setup you have, either follow instructions on how to properly use it OR use the clamps and attach the screen to a pole and pull tight ensuring that there are no wrinkles
  • Lighting the screen
    • As mentioned earlier, you will want to make sure you have at least 3 sets of lights. Make sure that you have additional white cloths as well in case the lighting is too harsh on the screen. Adjust your subject and the lighting for the subject according to what you are filming. Refer up above for more details on setting up the lights
  • Position your subject and camera
    • This is always extremely tedious and something you don’t want to mess up. It is very important that you have your camera set up, CHARGED with back up chargers and batteries.
    • You will need to adjust the subject and/or your camera depending on the video. Make sure that you spend time in this and don’t rush through so you can film a great video
  • Film one or multiple test shots
    • Going hand in hand with positioning your camera and subject, this is crucial to the shoot. If you do about 5-6 test shots to make sure sound, lighting, camera and all of the above is working, then your final filming takes should be smooth and easy to get through.
  • Purchasing the right software for your post-production editing needs!
    • To learn more about the best FREE software, click HERE
    • To learn more about the best PAID advance software, click HERE
  • Last but not least... pick your favorite Video Growth Lab Background! 
    • This is the fun part! Beach? Loft? Office space? It's all waiting for you to overlay in your video! To view all the products, click HERE! 

We can't wait to see the awesome content you create! Happy videoing!