Video Growth Eduction

  • The 7 best FREE green screen software that anybody can use!

    You have your awesome self made green screen studio setup, a beautiful Video Growth Lab Background picked out, and a great video! Now it's time to start editing. But where to begin? Let's take a dive into the best FREE software that you can use to create the most professional video out there!
  • The 3 best advanced video editing software

    When it comes to choosing an expert video editing software, it can be difficult to know which is the best one! In this article, we break down our three favorite editing softwares that our current professional videographers and editors use!
  • How to create your own at home/in office video studio setup!

    It's much easier than you think to set up a green screen studio. Once you have set up all you need to do is turn on the lights and click record. Then use one of our beautiful Green Screen Backgrounds and you can be anywhere in the world! You are only limited by your imagination.